100% scientifically based

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Diagnose mental complaints online and find the most effective treatment for them. Klenico GetHelpNow helps you understand what your symptoms mean and recommends effective treatment options to get your symptoms under control.
Take the test and get an automated report about your psyche. Online. From home.

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Our diagnostic software is a certified and CE approved class 1 medical device.
We are continuously conducting clinical trials of our diagnostic methods.
Data is treated confidentially in accordance with GDPR and our systems are ISO 27001 certified.
100% scientifically based

Scientific methodology and principles

Klenico GetHelpNow is based on clinical software developed at the University of Zurich. The result is a symptom-oriented, descriptive diagnosis. To develop the software, symptom maps were mathematically modeled using extensive AMDP data sets (>10,000 patients) and data sets on specific scales (such as BDI, Hamilton or PANSS).
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No more uncertainty, just the right treatment

The results of your questionnaire are automatically prepared for you to understand and are immediately available for download.

If you opt for our follow-up offer - a conversation with one of our psychologists, you will receive an evaluation report and a suitable treatment suggestion. Not a long wait. Clarity about what needs to be done now and how to get help.
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Treatment suggestions that you can use to get started quickly — without a waiting list!

After the additional video call, we can immediately offer you the appropriate video therapy and digital courses. Up to 40% fewer symptoms in three months. Scientifically proven.
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Scientifically founded

“Psychological problems must be properly identified before they can be treated. This increases the chances that you'll get better quickly.”
Klenico partner therapist, June 2022


Infinitely grateful

“Thanks to Klenico GetHelpNow, after months of suffering, I finally accepted that I needed help and found it here — online. During the interview, I was told exactly what my symptoms mean and which therapy was the best option for me. I already have all the necessary documents. I took myself very seriously and felt seen here — and now I know what I can do to get better soon.”
Anonymous customer, August 2022

Find out what is bothering you and what can help you

Take the test and get an automated report about your psyche. You can optionally discuss this with one of our psychologists and receive a scientifically based finding and a suitable treatment suggestion within 48 hours.
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Made to help you quickly.

Klenico allows you to alleviate your psychological stress more quickly with the right treatment suggestions. Clarity about your complaints. The fast way to recovery with the right treatment without waiting time.
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Why Klenico? Because we want to help.

Hi, I'm Laura, CEO of Klenico.
We developed this service because we believe that all people are entitled to mental health. For three years, we have been using our Klenico Clinical Software to help thousands of therapists and psychiatrists make a holistic diagnosis within a very short period of time. We have thus developed the first clinically validated diagnostic tool for all psychological symptoms. But now we would also like to help those affected, such as you, who are not yet receiving medical care, directly and quickly. That is exactly why we developed GetHelpNow. Our goal is to recommend the right therapy to all those seeking help simply and without a long wait — this could be a therapy app, a specific form of therapy or something completely different. I'm glad you're here and taking care of yourself. We'll help you do that.

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